About us

Who am I?

My name is Skyla Gordon, I am a mum first and foremost to my three beautiful wee girls. I am married to my husband Jamie and we live in the sunny Bay of Plenty. 

Gordon & Co came about on a small wim, of wanting to try something different before our youngest daughter arrived in this world- and so far everything seems to be working along just perfectly! 

Gordon & Co works perfectly around our family which is amazing that we can still provide valuable time for our family as well as keeping our business running. 
We aim to bring good quality custom items just for your every need. 
If we cannot help with your design, we can often refer you to the right places that may be able to help. 
If you are after something you do not see on our website feel free to get in touch as we do custom design and create to order! You can order directly to us hellogordonandco@gmail.com